Team Member

Dr. Alsubai, K.

Dr. Khalid Alsubai is the founder of QES & PI. Dr. Khalid has received a B.Sc. in Geology/ Physics from Qatar University, he then joined Ministry of Industry. Later, he received a Master Degree in Petroleum engineering from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. He then  joined Qatar Petroleum where he stayed for 20 years holding positions at different departments. Dr. Alsubai was also awarded another Master degree in Astronomy from the University of Sydney. Furthermore, Dr. Khalid received a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from University of St. Andrews. Currently, Dr. Alsubai is holding the position of Director of Research Coordination and Compliance at Qatar Foundation’s Research Division.


Prof. Cameron, A.

Prof. Andrew Cameron is well known planets discoverer in the field of Extrasolar planets. Prof. Cameron has an extensive knowledge in this field,

since he is one the prime principle investigator in SWAP consortium. You can read about him here.

Prof. Horne, K.

Prof. Keith Horne is well known planets hunter in the field of Extrasolar planets. Prof. Horne was the Phd advisor to Dr. Alsubai.

Also he is famous in the area of searching for planets by microlensing method and team member of PLANET/RoboNet. You can read about him here.

Dr. Latham, D.

Dr. David Latham is a pioneer in the hunt for exoplanets. He led the team that discovered the first candidate exoplanet found by radial velocity techniques (HD 114762b) reported in Nature in 1989. He is one of the original Co-Investigators on NASA's Kepler Mission, which is now searching for true Earth twins. His work is focused on the follow-up observations needed to confirm and characterize exoplanets. Looking to the future, he is Chief Mission Scientist on TESS, a proposed NASA mission to search the entire sky for bright nearby transiting planets that are the best targets for further study. He is also a Co-PI on the HARPS-N Collaboration tobuild a copy of HARPS for the Northern hemisphere, to enable the confirmation of rocky planets identified by Kepler.

Prof. Pollaco, D.

Prof. Don Pollacco is the designer of the WASP instruments and is currently the manager of the SuperWASP-N facility. He is also the PI of the Science Consortium in ESA's Cosmic Vision PLATO mission.

Dr. West, R.

Dr. Richard West is an astronomer and who is building the archive for our project. He is also member in SWASP team. You can read about him here.

Mr. Smith, John C.

He is a professional amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. He is the author of CCDAutoPilot that we use in control our CCDs. He set up all the equipment on site. You can read more about him here.

Dr. Bramich, D.

Dr. Daniel Bramich is an astronomer in the European Southern Observatory. He works in the area of detecting and characterizing extrasolar planets via the transit and microlensing methods. He has developed a series of pipelines and modules for performing precision photometry called DANDIA & DANIDL. He has worked on implementing the data reduction pipeline for QES project.

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